Fees to play Indoor Football

  • All players must pay an annual registration fee of 200.00 EUR, which entitles them to play any Dublin Indoor Sports league, for any team, any night during the week. If a player is returning from the previous season, only 10.00 EUR is required.

    All teams must pay a deposit equivalent to four games before their first game is played. This deposit will be returned over the last four weeks of the season i.e. the last four games will be free. Individuals are asked for the full season's fee up front. Fees must be paid BEFORE the first game is played. Teams and individuals will get first preference into a league if full fees/deposits are paid.

    Teams: If a player is just a fill-in, the registration fee and deposit is not required. However if they play more than two games the registration fee will be required before their third game.
    Individuals Teams: All fill-in players must pay game fees and if they play more than two games, the registration and remaining deposit will then be required.

Netball Fees



  • Day League Grade Location Venue Cost per Team
    THURSDAY Mixed 6-a-side Open Southside Terenure College 48 EUR game fee



  • Status Registration Game Fee Deposit
    TEAM 20 EUR
    per player
    48 EUR
    per team
    192 EUR equiv to
    four games
    per player
    99 EUR
    per player
    Full season